Success Story: How Clover Ferments increased Klaviyo Attributed Revenue by 105%

At Connect The Dots, we pride ourselves on transforming businesses through innovative digital strategies. Here’s how we helped Clover Ferments achieve remarkable growth.

About Clover Ferments 
Clover Ferments crafts batch-brewed, fermented tonics designed to boost gut and skin health while supporting the immune system. The journey of Clover Ferments began with Steph and her daughter, Clover. Born with severe food intolerances, Clover could only tolerate 3 foods. Steph’s discovery of anaerobic fermentation was life-changing—within a month of introducing these tonics, Clover was enjoying a full range of foods! This miraculous turnaround inspired Steph and her partners to share these health-boosting tonics with others in New Zealand.

Discovering Connect The Dots 
Looking to expand Clover Ferments and help more people, Steph sought to optimise their digital business strategy. A referral led her to Connect The Dots, and it’s been a game-changer ever since! 

Clover Ferments Challenges
Clover Ferments faced several challenges that were preventing digital growth for their business:

  • Setting up and managing Klaviyo email flows alongside a targeted, regular campaign marketing schedule.
  • Handling Google Ads effectively
  • Improving search engine optimisation (SEO)

These obstacles were hindering Clover Ferments’ ability to fully leverage digital marketing tools to grow their business.

Why Connect The Dots?
Steph chose Connect The Dots for our comprehensive approach. We not only implement the necessary strategies but also teach clients how to manage these tools confidently. This dual approach of execution and education was crucial for Clover Ferments.

Impact of services
Since partnering with Connect The Dots, Clover Ferments has seen significant improvements:

  • Deployment of effective Klaviyo email flows
  • Establishment of a consistent advertising strategy with a targeted presence across multiple channels at the core. 
  • Assistance with creating engaging EDM content

These enhancements have streamlined Clover Ferments’ marketing efforts, allowing them to focus more on their core business.

Amazing Results
Don’t take it from us, take it from these results! Since engaging Connect the Dots, Clover Ferments have seen:

  • A 105% increase in attributed revenue from Klaviyo 
  • A conversion rate in the 95th percentile (2.88%) 
  • A 21% growth in their database with a new Klaviyo sign-up form

And their YOY growth throughout 2022-2024 looks like this:

  • 2022 to 2023: Up 387% or x5
  • 2023 to 2024: Up 101% or x2 on 2023
  • 2024 to 2025: Predicted at least another 100% or x2 on 2024. 

The feedback from Clover Ferments highlights their substantial satisfaction with our services. They’ve been particularly impressed by our rapid response times, supportive guidance, and versatile expertise. We’ve been able to address every challenge they presented.

“Working with Hannah at Connect The Dots has been such a game changer for us at Clover Ferments. She is constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts (even when we haven’t asked!) that are helping our business grow rapidly. Hannah always gets tasks done incredibly quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t recommend her (and Connect The Dots) more!”

At Connect The Dots, we’re dedicated to helping businesses like Clover Ferments achieve their digital marketing goals and drive remarkable growth.

Steph Campbell | Founder

Steph discovered the amazing anaerobic fermentation while trying to heal her daughter's gut issues. She has never looked back and is obsessed to say the least. Steph has now grown a massive community of Clover Ferments lovers with proven results & she has featured on the Untidy Podcast with Matilda Green & Hannah Davison

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