Is Your Klaviyo Marketing Ready for Cyber Weekend 2023?

Getting Black Friday and Cyber Monday (collectively known as BFCM or Cyber Weekend) right as a retailer matters. That’s true every year, but even more so in 2023.

The trading environment is tough. Consumers are facing high costs of living, and they’ve got less disposable income as a result.

That means people will be more careful with their purchases, and if you want to capitalise on the shopping weekend, you need to start planning. Now.

Why are Black Friday & Cyber Monday Important for Businesses?

A Snapshot of 2022’s BFCM Revenue

BFCM can drive dizzying numbers. Each year, shoppers flock to stores, websites, and apps to buy – sometimes, it really is a frenzy (see below).

In 2022, businesses using Klaviyo as part of their marketing stack amassed a jaw-dropping $2.2 billion in sales.

Success is not guaranteed, however. Consumers now know that the BFCM shopping event will happen each year. They expect it, and they expect it to be good.

If your campaign falls short of the noise of every other retailer vying for attention over that period, you’ll miss out.

BFCM’s success goes beyond just sending BIG deals – it means creating an impactful, resonating message paired with a seamless customer journey to points that can convert.

The Pillars of an Outstanding BFCM/Cyber Weekend Campaign

Crafting Limited-Time Offers that Sell

Exclusivity creates urgency. Naturally, BFCM is time-limited. However, you can always consider different elements of urgency within that:

Try offering one-day-only or limited-stock deals. Generate urgency AND get customers to come back to buy more than one time.
Offer member-only specials to VIP customers or people who signed up for access. It’s a great way to grow your database ahead of the event!

When customers understand they could be missing out on an incredible deal or one that’s about to end, they tend to feel compelled to decide without much hesitation. After all, the benefit is right in front of their eyes!

Quick Tip: Add a countdown clock in your emails to create a sense of urgency among recipients, and don’t forget to send the reminder email before your sale ends to those on the database who haven’t purchased. Don’t be afraid to tell them that they’re about to miss out.

The Indispensable CTA

Your call to action (CTA) is the heartbeat and the hook of your campaign. Give customers easy access to discounted products. Make sure that your CTA buttons in emails are easily accessible, that language is clear – aka “SHOP NOW” or “SAVE NOW”, and that products are easily grouped into sale categories + accessible on-site.

It’s simple – your CTAs should be compelling, clear, and irresistibly clickable. If they’re not, you’ll lose sales.

BUT! Your CTA will only work if your discount mechanic is easy for customers to redeem. Discounted prices are a lot easier than codes and coupons, and making people hunt around for multi-buys across categories just makes finding items harder. The simpler things are, the less resistance you have to conversion, and the more you can sell on the day.

Don’t forget – in email marketing, it all starts with the subject line. You can add urgency to these by restating discounts and creating demand right from the inbox.

Harnessing Personalisation

Personalisation helps connection, which influences conversion. However, in 2023, personalisation transcends merely addressing a customer by their first name. It’s about curating an experience tailored to their preferences, browsing history, and even their geographical nuances.

Consider these additions:

  • Product blocks with personalised recommendations.
  • Segmentation by previous purchase preferences or location. Everything from content to seasons to campaign send times matter.
  • Subject lines that address customers by their name and include some of their favourite stocked products or brands.

The outcome? Higher open, click, and conversion rates on the day. AND retained subscribers.

The Seamless Shopping Experience

From catching attention through to securely paying, your customer journey should be as seamless as possible.

Make sure your website has a responsive interface with no outstanding bugs, that popups don’t stop people from shopping, that your product stock is available, and that the site can handle the expected traffic.

Any hiccup or hurdle can deter a potential sale, so a good plan and attention to detail are critical. It pays to ask the questions early to avoid the pain of a poor plan.

Klaviyo-Specific Strategies

We specialise in Klaviyo strategy and execution. Here are our top 5 Klaviyo must-haves for BFCM 2023.

1) Emails are Your Foundation

  • Email is the most cost-effective way to reach your database. Make sure you have all your marketing segments ready early: all subscribers, engaged subscribers, 2023 non-converters, VIP customers, people who haven’t purchased from the start of the campaign dates—everything you’ll need to craft relevant and enticing messaging.
  • Subject lines get customer attention, and the email opens. Make sure you have clear and attractive subject lines that drive action.
  • Spam counts hurt deliverability. Don’t use all caps in subject lines, and don’t make emails from images alone – that’s a fast road to the junk folder. Check your delivery reports NOW and see what/where you can improve, then start testing.

2) Email Design Matters

  • Think about the relationship between text, imagery, and product blocks. How will you capture attention? What’s working well in your recent sale emails?
  • Personalise the content with dynamic elements like text and imagery based on user data and product blocks based on previous behaviour.
  • CTAs should be clear and used throughout the email, especially above the fold on load.
  • A/B testing email subjects and contents on the day will help to maximise results, but plan them early.
  • Test all emails on mobile and desktop to make sure they load properly and look good. If you fail on mobile because you only checked the desktop version, that’s goodbye to 50%+ of your email traffic!

3) SMS is for High Impact

  • SMS is quick to deploy and provides unmatched directness. Messaging inboxes typically see less volume and higher engagement.
  • Remember – don’t spam everyone with email and SMS. Use it selectively. Who has engaged before? Did anyone ask for early access, who ignored the first email and maybe could be engaged via SMS instead?
  • It’s not email OR SMS; it’s email AND SMS.

4) Update those Flows

  • It’s not just campaigns that need to be relevant in order to engage. Think about flows, too. How can you change the design of abandoned browse and cart flows to match the visuals and messaging of your BFCM sale?
  • The decision-making timeframes just aren’t the same during BFCM. You might want to reduce the time to send on your flows during the sale, then revert back to the longer delays once BFCM is over.

5) Start Planning Yesterday

BFCM will be here before you know it. You need to start planning now:

  • What products will you include, and why?
  • Which products will have higher discounts? How will you present these to potential buyers on-site and in marketing channels?
  • What promotional messaging will you lead with? What’s the most effective way to apply that to your website, emails, SMS, and wider channels?
  • How will you use your BFCM pricing to show value and create demand? How will this play out across different channels?
  • When will the sale start? When will it end?
  • What surprise extras will you add, and how would you communicate these?
  • How will customers redeem the discounts?
  • Is everything going to be discounted? What about bundles or spend-to-get offers?
  • Who is managing the pricing on-site and the marketing channels throughout BFCM?
  • What’s the process if something goes wrong? Who will you call to fix it?!

To wrap up, the success of BFCM campaigns lies in the intricate blend of strategy, creativity, and planning. By focusing on these cornerstones across your available channels, businesses can harness the full revenue potential of the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

If you haven’t started planning yet, start now by talking to our Klaviyo Experts at Connect the Dots. If you have a plan, let’s talk about what else you could add to help secure success this season.


  • How does personalisation impact user engagement?
    Personalisation fosters a deeper connection by catering to individual user preferences, which enhances engagement.
  • Why is exclusivity a powerful tool during BFCM?
    Exclusivity taps into users’ FOMO, prompting quicker purchasing decisions.
  • What are the characteristics of an effective CTA?
    A compelling CTA is clear, concise, and aligned with the campaign’s goal. It’s also clearly visible on-site or in a customer’s inbox.

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