Send Highly Personalised Email Marketing Campaigns: 5 Simple Tips For Success.

Sending personalised email marketing campaigns is the highway to attaining the essential goal in marketing: putting your brand in the right place at the right time and delivering the right message to the right audience. 

74% of marketers say targeted personalisation increases customer engagement (eConsultancy), whereas Emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened (Campaign Monitor).

However, only 39% of online retailers send personalised product recommendations via email. (Monetate)

Personalisation in email marketing is the core guideline to provide value to your potential customers and is essential to maintaining a loyal brand-based community.

Consider your email list a pool of knowledge about your subscriber’s preferences. You have a powerful, cost-effective tool to help you position your brand and grow your business.

Klaviyo is a top-leading platform in email personalisation, with outstanding features that will improve your email marketing game.

In this article, we will discuss how you can gather information about your audience, how to segment audiences to leverage Klaviyo’s personalisation features, and some tips to make your customer journey one people look forward to returning to.

Gather Information About Your Audience 

Create Lists and Segments
Creating Lists and Segments in Klaviyo.

You can get very granular around your Buyer personas and collect information through various channels. It is important to understand that you need to ask relevant questions that adjust to your segmentation needs.

Sign-up forms, customised buttons and third-party quiz integrations are some tools Klaviyo offers to obtain data about your subscribers, so you can improve your service by providing solutions based on your customer’s interests.

Ask questions about your customer’s preferences or make users choose between options. Create a smooth communication channel where your audience has a voice. After all, they are paying for your products/services, so you might as well listen to their suggestions.

Feedback is essential, and personalised marketing allows you to actively collect helpful insights to prepare you for the next move.

Segment Your Information 

Now it’s time to organise all the data you collected.

Your segments will dictate the frequency, intention and strategy for sending different personalised campaigns.

You should always have three basic segments:

  • Engaged
  • Unengaged
  • VIP

For example, you’d want to send more emails to the Engaged segment, as they are the ones who show more interest in your brand. However, this segment doesn’t necessarily include people who have made a purchase. So your content must be engaging and enticing to purchase.

Klaviyo Lists and Segments
Engaged Segment criteria. Credit image: Klaviyo Academy

The Unengaged segment will be excluded from all sends. People will be part of this segment when a certain number of days have passed since their last interaction (email open, click, purchase, etc.)

Klaviyo Lists and Segments: Unengaged Segment
Unengaged segment criteria. Credit Image: Klaviyo Academy

The VIP segment contains your customers who purchase often and drive high revenue to your business. You’d want to keep them in the loop about early product launches, ask them for feedback and even give access to any in-person events. You want to retain these customers by making them feel special to your brand.

Lists and Segments: VIP Segment
VIP Segment criteria. Credit Image: Klaviyo Academy

You also can build segments around shopping behaviour, such as Lapsed Engaged customers or potential VIPs, and also based on demographics, like gender, location or how they found your brand.

5 Simple Tips for Sending Highly Personalised Email Campaigns 

Email Subject Line Personalisation
Personalised Email subject lines increase open rates by up to 22%, according to Login Radius.

  1. Adding Properties Klaviyo goes above and beyond with personalisation; it’s not only about the old first name at the top of the email; you can do so much more!You can add customer data directly in the body of the email or subject line by pulling this information from customer properties. This way, you can personalise a birthday email, a specific offer based on past behaviour or an update about a loyalty program’s points.
  2.  Show/Hide Blocks: You can show content specific to the user’s preferences and location-oriented offers. Let’s say you have a clothing store; you’d want to show relevant products according to the recipient’s gender. Or you’ll host a pop-up store or wish to offer free shipping. In this case, you’d want to show a particular content block to profiles with a specific location.
  3.  Sign up forms to collect further info. Once your customers have signed up, you can keep collecting data to get to know them. Pop-ups or flyouts are a great resource to ask your returning customers more about what they want to see from you. It is also an excellent tool to drive market studies within your audience.
  4.  Flag users to exclude them from ongoing campaigns. Once your customers have signed up to receive marketing emails, you must ensure your ongoing campaigns won’t bombard them. This can be achieved using Flows, a perfect way to target your message, as they are triggered by customer behaviour. This creates a smooth onboarding experience and helps build trust in your brand.
  5.   Create FB Ads using Klaviyo segments. You can personalise your social media ads using Klaviyo audiences. This is the way to go when targeting those Lapsed engaged and lapsed VIPs we mentioned earlier, as it will help you stay on top of mind for users who haven’t returned in a while.

Email personalisation is the best way to get your audience’s trust and build a loyal community through marketing. People don’t want just to be followers of a brand; they also want to feel as if they are part of it. Make your customers feel valued by providing them with value as well.

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