How Many Times a Day Should I Post on Social Media?
How Many Times a Day Should I Post on Social Media?

Your social media presence is determined by the platforms you want to expand into. Each algorithm has specific requirements according to the type of audience it is trying to cater to, and these can be taken as guidelines for content and format ideas.

We compiled a comprehensive guide to adjusting your social media marketing strategy to your best-selling channels.



Content Table

· How Many Times a Day Should I Post on Social Media?
   · TikTok: 1-4 Posts x Day
   · Instagram: 1-2 Posts x Day
   · LinkedIn: 1-2 Posts x Day
   · Facebook: 3-5 Posts x Day
   · Twitter: 3-4 Tweets x Day
   · Pinterest: 1-4 Pins x Day
·Marketing Action Plan



Posting a lengthy, written update about your product launch with a single image might work for Facebook or LinkedIn, but it won’t take you anywhere near popularity on Instagram. Twitter is the way to go if you want to use your social media as a customer support channel. Or maybe your hand-knitted sweaters startup does not impress anybody on LinkedIn, but Pinterest would love to know all about it!

We now understand how content should be designed or repurposed for each platform. The next logical question is: how often should you post?

According to Sprout Social, a brand should maintain a daily average of 11 posts across all platforms. A Content Plan is essential to manage your social media presence when creating a robust amount of work.

Now, 11 posts a day can seem impossible for many, so it is essential to recognise that it must also work for you and your business.

Remember, you can reuse some posts across multiple platforms. Automated scheduling can significantly reduce the time it takes to manage all work, and repurposing and refreshing old content still adds value regularly.

Best practice for the industry is not always practical or best for your business. Still, we are more than happy to talk to you about a reasonable approach for your business and the tools and processes you can utilise to dramatically increase your social activity’s impact and effectiveness.

All that said, here is what the industry experts say the optimum cadence of posting is for each platform.


How Many Times a Day Should I Post on Social Media?

Infographics about best times to post on social media

TikTok: 1-4 Posts x Day

  • Space out your posts to stay on top of the feed several times daily.
  • Niche content shapes TikTok’s algorithm; know your niche and give your target audience what they want.
  • Be authentic. Don’t overpolish your videos.
  • Use TikTok’s native editing features to achieve more natural results.


Instagram: 1-2 Posts x Day

  • Create lingering content. Post at least one reel a day or a carousel post to retain your audience’s attention enough to boost your engagement and popularity.
  • Create 1 or 2 curated daily posts for the feed and dump more organic content in your stories.
  • Engage with your audience through your stories. Create polls, ask boxes and post daily updates about your brand.


LinkedIn: 1-2 Posts x Day

  • Always share your brand’s page content in your profile.
  • Mix it up between business and personal content. People want to see the face behind the company.
  • Don’t upsell or pitch your product/services all over LinkedIn. The algorithm is sensitive to spam content and favours organic, valuable posts over more sales-y ones.


Facebook: 3-5 Posts x Day

  • Leverage Facebook’s advertising capabilities.
  • Tap into video content.
  • Know what kind of posts your audience values the most and deliver content they want to share with their friends and family.


Twitter: 3-4 Tweets x Day

  • Foster engagement by replying to mentions, comments and retweets in real-time.
  • Use retweets to stay relevant in the feed.
  • Repurpose your tweets as content to cross-promote your brand on other platforms.


Pinterest: 1-4 Pins x Day

  • Pinterest’s algorithm favours fresh content with more exposure. Stay active by posting daily.
  • Use keywords to optimise your content.
  • Explore Pinterest Trends for new ideas.


Marketing Action Plan

Ultimately, it boils down to adjusting your content to your social media goals within each channel.

Having a plan is critical and removes a lot of the overwhelm!

Review your analytics to determine which platforms require more attention and effort, and consider using a social media scheduling tool to help you save precious time.

In Connect The Dots, we can help you design your digital marketing strategy and provide the support you need to step up your game, reach larger audiences, and accelerate business growth.


Learn more about our Marketing Action Plan.



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