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Fast-track your relationship building
and B2B lead generation
on LinkedIn

Get a regular flow of zoom meetings with high-quality and credible leaders – giving you the opportunity to deliver value, create opportunities, and grow your business.

Because getting the meeting is 90% of the battle

You know that if you could just get in front of the buyers and decision makers, you could show them the value you can provide, create new business relationships, and generate more sales.

But how do you get high-quality, credible leaders to accept your meeting requests when they don’t know you from a bar of soap? Or they are wary of being bombarded by yet another sales pitch?

Lead generation quickly becomes a daunting, thankless task when it seems to only result in ‘no’ or the sound of crickets.

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You can’t ignore the power
of LinkedIn

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We’ve simplified LinkedIn relationship building and B2B lead generation for businesses and professionals

Here’s why you’ll love our simple system:

How it Works

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Build your hit list

We work closely with you to build a list of key prospects that we can nurture.

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You’re in control

We clarify with you the language, tone, and terminology that we can and can’t use.

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Warm them up

We engage on your behalf with thoughtful and insightful comments to spark a response and a positive emotional connection.

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Reel them in

We personalize connection and meeting requests, putting the prospect first by focusing on their interests and business to put them at ease.

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Keep ‘em coming

After just 7 weeks, you can expect to have a regular flow of meetings booked in your calendar – where the conversation will come around to you and your business.

Hi I'm Glenn Marvin...

I left a career with the NZ Police in 2005 thinking I had no transferable skills in the corporate world. At the time, I had no idea that the years I spent Policing the streets had given me some incredibly powerful insights and experience in human behavior that would transform my career.

After quickly rising through the corporate ranks, I fell in love with the world of Digital Marketing.

The core philosophies behind my LinkedIn Lead Generation process were developed over the last ten years helping over 1000 business professionals, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs master LinkedIn.

My personal organic activity on LinkedIn continues to bring in over a quarter of a million dollars a year in new business, before we even spend a cent on advertising.

That’s why I created a simple system to help others tap into the power of LinkedIn, fast-track relationship building, and generate new leads to achieve similar results.

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Why wait?

We personalize connection and meeting requests, putting the prospect first by focusing on their interests and business to put them at ease.

Book your free 20-minute call now to find out more about how you can fast-track your way to a steady stream of meetings with high-quality leaders in less than 7 weeks.